Research charitable organizations before donating to help Ukraine residents

Photo by Sima Ghaffarzadeh on

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to dominate the news headlines, and many have asked how they could help. The Better Business Bureau suggests doing some homework on charitable and non-profit organizations that advertise collecting donations and helping with relief efforts in Ukraine.

Stephanie Garland of the Better Business Bureau in Springfield, Missouri, with what to watch out for before you consider donating. “So red flags should be if 100% of the funds will be spent on relief. That should be a huge red flag because staffing costs need to be paid as well. So what Better Business Bureau advises is 8 to 12 cents on the dollar should be kept for staffing costs. If it’s going to be 99 cents on the dollar kept for staffing costs, the Better Business Bureau would warn for you to not give to that charity.”

The BBB also suggests that you think before donating to a crowdfunding appeal unless you know the individual organizing the effort. Visit for links with BBB accredited organizations.


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