New online-only, independent, non-profit news organization at Missouri State

At its peak in the early 1900’s there were an estimated 24,000 daily and weekly news publications in the United States. Nearly 100 years later that number had shrunk to about 9,000. As of 2020, according to the Hussman School of Journalism and Media the number of daily and weekly publications was down to 6,730.

The non-profit Springfield Daily Citizen is seeking to reverse that trend. The subscriber based, online only publication launched last week. The Citizen’s Chief Executive Officer David Stoeffler says that while the publication may be new, its reporters know the area well. “Everyone of our journalists has ten or more years of experience, has some ties to the local area. And a part of our core is that we care about the future of this community, we’re invested in it, we live here.” Last year the Missouri Board of Governor approved a facility use agreement for the Daily Citizen to be housed at Missouri State for five years. It has also reached a collaboration agreement with KSMU. In addition, Missouri State has no control or involvement in Daily Citizen newsroom activities or editorial decisions.


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