A month away from Spring, severe weather is on the horizon

Photo by Hunt on Photos Studio on Pexels.com

This weekend provided some much-needed sunshine and warmer highs throughout the Four States. We are also a little more than two weeks away from the start of Severe Weather Preparedness Week on March 7. Steve Lindenberg, a lead forecaster with the National Weather Service in Springfield, Missouri, says the area will experience a little of everything weather-wise this week. “We’ll probably start to see showers and thunderstorms develop during the late evening Monday night, especially over South Central Missouri, southeast of I-44. And that’s where the heaviest rain and the possibility of severe weather is going to occur. We do have a flood watch out for that area in South Central Missouri from midnight until noon on Tuesday.”

According to Lindenberg with the NWS office in Springfield, we also have a high chance of snow and near-freezing highs Wednesday and Thursday. However, right now, it’s difficult to predict just how much snow and ice accumulation we should expect.


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