Neosho City Council approves purchase for Little Big Disc Golf Tournament

Photo by Alexander Juul Jakobsen on

The Little Big Disc Golf Tournament is a staple in Neosho and the Four State area, drawing 100’s of golfers to Southwest Missouri in late July each year. Tuesday night, Neosho City Council members discussed whether the city should provide further assistance to the disc golf tournament and the association that operates it.

The association requested nearly $6,000 to cover 180 players, an increase of just over $1,100 from last year. Ward 1 Council Member Ashton Robinson speaking Tuesday, says that she sees the tournament’s economic benefits. “Well, I’m really encouraged that this event is doing so well in bringing people to our area, and it’s just growing; I’m glad to see that money kind of help to make that a good start for this event.”

Robinson moved that the city of Neosho assist the disc golf association by paying for golf discs at the cost of $1,620. By a 5 to zero vote, the city council approved the agenda item. The Little Big Disc Golf Tournament takes place July 29 through the 31st at Morse Park.


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