Will Hawley’s endorsement be the make or break for Hartzler?

Congresswomen VickiyHartzler

Only time will tell whether this weekend was a turning in the Republican race to win retiring Missouri Senator Roy Blunt’s seat. The state’s junior Senator Josh Hawley announced that he was endorsing Congressman Vikcy Hartzler to replace Blunt. As of the end of last year, Hartzler led all nine Republican candidates in cash on hand with nearly 1.8 million dollars.

7th District Congressman Billy Long took exception with Hawley endorsement of Hartzler, calling into KCMO’s Pete Mondo show Tuesday morning, “And by the way, congratulations to Vicki. It’s a heck of a get to get Josh Hawley’s endorsement. He’s probably one of the most popular Republicans in the state of Missouri to endorse you, I would have loved to have his endorsement, I didn’t get it. If you like Liz Cheney, then you’ll love Vicki Hartzler.” Candidates for Blunt’s seat also include Missouri Attorney Eric Schmitt, former Governor Eric Greitens and lawyer Mark McCloskey. The primary is August 2.


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