How well does Joplin pay its employees, some positions $$$, others below market value

Next week the Joplin City Council holds their meeting, including an update on how fairly the city pays its employees. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Lower than average wages for state, city, and county employees are common in the Midwest, including in Missouri and Kansas, although rarely do we get to see just how low they are and by how much. The study of how fairly Joplin pays their employees compares the city to seven regional benchmark communities, including St. Joseph, Springfield, Liberty, Branson, Jefferson City, Bentonville, and Fort Smith, Arkansas.

According to this analysis, there were 51 jobs in 2021 across the Joplin city government; everything from auto mechanic to park caretaker and airport operations paid below market value. Coincidentally, some of the best paid positions in Joplin when compared to other markets are Director of Parks and Rec, Police and Fire Chief, and Director of Public Works. Also, the 51 underpaying jobs is an improvement during which a study shows that 58 jobs were underpaid in March 2020, a gain of seven in about one year. The Joplin City Council meeting starts Monday night at 5:45.

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