Bryn Aprill special guest at Neosho Art Council’s 2022 ArtCon

There’s a saying in life, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Even if you spend a few minutes on a Zoom video call with Texas-based voice-over actress Bryn Aprill you’ll know that she loves every minute of a career that she couldn’t have dreamed she’d have when she was starting out, at the early age of 16 and still in high school.

Interview with voice actor Bryn Aprill
Bryn Aprill

“It is a little bit crazy. I mean, I started when I was still in high school, it was the summer right before my senior year. So I had a lot going on trying to figure out the college situation as well.”

When Bryn was in high school she envisioned that she would go to college out of state and major in Musical Theater. Prior to her first audition, she had never done any work in front of a microphone though she possessed the passion and a drive that has helped propel her to five nominations from the voice-over website That includes one win in 2017 for Best Vocal Ensemble in an Anime Television Series.

When Bryn was just getting started she thought that all of the entertainment companies were based in California, until a voice coach that her family had hired to help her get into universities suggested that she try auditioning for a nearby company.

“She was talking about some of the work she did in the area. And she mentioned Funimation and I was like, I know that name. What do you mean, it’s in the area that it was crazy. She actually said, you know, you should think about going. Just trying out an audition with them. You’ve never really done anything in front of a mic.”

Within weeks Bryn’s was booking voice-over parts and today, according to she has 220 credits with work on television series and video games. Even after a decade working in the industry she still verbally shakes her head with excitement about a career that started with just a suggestion.

It’s really insane and, and wonderful to see how many opportunities have opened up and, and wondering where my career could go because of that. It’s really exciting.”

While she had not worked behind a mic before auditioning for Funimation in Fort Worth, Texas Bryn had started performing the way a lot of kids do, in front of her parents.

“I was a total Sailor Moon Head (laughing), it was so bad. I was just obsessed. I remember I had this full-on birthday party where I ran around with a jewel pressed into my forehead as a little tiara. It was crazy. I had her CD and I would do little concerts for my parents and I would you know, jump from couch to couch and I was posing. (laughing) It was so embarrassing.”

For a voice-over actor that has had the kind of success early in life Bryn’s is as authentic as they come, and while the pandemic has made her job easier due to recording at home (in her closet) instead of traveling to a studio she is ready to visit Neosho, Missouri on Saturday, February 5 and meet fans that both her work very well, and those that are brand new to anime.

So I’ll be coming by and I’ll be doing a little general Q and a panel. And so I’m really excited about that. And you can come and you can ask me whatever you would like about some roles that I’ve done about your favorite shows or just about questions, about the pursuit of happiness or life or whatever you would like.”

Bryn’s Aprill, loving her unexpected career now has over 200 credits dubbing Japanese anime into English, which means re-recording work and characters that have already been done. One of her career goals is to work on original content, characters, and parts that are specifically written for her, and with her purpose, exuberance, and devotion for voice-over, it’s likely that one day you’ll be hearing Bryn’s voice in the world’s largest films.

Bryn Aprill is the special guest at the Neosho Art Council 2022 ArtCon, this Saturday from 10 am until 6 pm at Neosho Middle School. She’ll be signing free autographs from 10 am until 12 pm. Admission is only $5.

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