Neosho Art Council’s ‘ArtCon’ in-person and at a new venue for 2022

Bryn Apprill

A hallmark of wintertime in Southwest Missouri is the Neosho Arts Council hosting its annual ArtCon, this year being held on Saturday, February 5. The one-day event draws 1,000’s of visitors from all over the Four States returns to an in-person convention after going virtual in 2021 due to the pandemic. This year’s special guest is a voice actor with over 200 credits to her name according to IMDB. Bryn Aprill says that her career voicing animated series started in high school, “I was doing choir, I was doing a lot of vocal prep. I was really learning my craft and how to take care of my voice, and where my support should be coming from. It’s really helped with my range and so I’m able to really work in different kinds of character voices.” Due to the continued growth of the ArtCon, each of the past three years the Neosho Arts Council has had to find new, larger revenues to hold the event. This year it’s being held at Neosho Middle School. ArtCon 2022 takes place on Saturday, February 5, starting at 10 am.


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