Missouri’s COVID positivity rate surpasses 20%

Missouri’s COVID-19 positivity is over 20% and the lack of testing has created an opening for scammers looking to take advantage of test-hungry consumers. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

According to state data Monday on the COVID-19 dashboard available at health.mo.gov, the PCR Positivity test rate is at 27.3%, while the antigen positivity test rate is at 14.8% creating an average positive rate of 21.05% statewide. Because of the rise in coronavirus cases due to the Omicron variant the FDA is warning consumers of fraudulent tests, vaccines, and treatments as the pandemic continues.

Stephanie Garland of the Better Business Bureau says the non-profit is monitoring the testing situation. “The Better Business Bureau is warning that the scarcity of these actual real tests, that are sold in many stores, and actually to potential scams for products that don’t exist, they compromise personal information and deceptive advertising so there’s a whole host of problems here Fred that were warning viewers and listeners about today.” The State Department of Health is still offering free COVID testing in Springfield on Tuesday, and in Joplin on Thursdays. For the complete listing of communities visit health.mo.gov/communitytest For 89 9 KRPS, I’m Fred Fletcher-Fierro


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