Shopping through your social media feed? Think again

With just over three until Christmas, the Better Business Bureau released a new study on Thursday warning consumers about shopping through their social media feed. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

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This year, 82% of all Americans or 223 million residents have at least one social media account, according to According to a new Online Shopping Fraud study released Thursday by the Better Business Bureau, online storefronts have more F-rated businesses with the BBB than any other type of business.

Complaints generated by electronic shopping are up 40% from 2019. A common scam that appears in Facebook and Instagram feeds is consumers make a purchase off what appears to be from a legit website. The advertiser actually stole the image from another website to use as their own. After payment, the buyers receive an email with a fake tracking number and either receive nothing, or a counterfeit or inferior product. When the customer tries to return the product the website is gone or the social media platform offers no help to resolve the issue. The Federal Trade Commission estimates consumers will lose $384,000,000 in online shopping in 2021 alone. For 89 9 KRPS, I’m Fred Fletcher-Fierro

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