Millions will shop online this holiday season, scammers are eager to take advantage

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The holiday shopping season officially gets underway tomorrow. It’s projected that over 190 million Americans will shop in some fashion for the Christmas season on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The National Retail Federation’s early November survey says 62.8 million consumers plan to shop online on November 29, the Monday after Thanksgiving. The Better Business Bureau has warnings for consumers looking for great deals online.

First, be aware of false advertising, phony websites, and prices that are just too good to be true, they likely are. If you’re second-guessing whether an online retailer is legitimate do a business search of the company at Also, when completing an online purchase, pay with a credit card. They provide far more protection and are easier to get your money refunded than debit cards. For the first time last year, online sales in November reached 100 billion dollars for the first time.

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