Joplin city council will create commissions to oversea propositions and bonds

Tonight, the Joplin city council will hold their first meeting since residents passed Proposition Action. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

The measure passed earlier this month by just 82 votes and will allow the city to collect 3 ⅛% sales tax on internet purchases and is projected to bring in between $3 and $4 million dollars annually for the city to go towards various city projects that were created based on a citywide listening tour by City Manager Nick Edwards. Tonight the city council will establish a “Proposition Action Implementation and Oversight Committee” The task force will provide guidance with the implementation of the Action Plans adopted by the City Council.

Also on the agenda tonight, the council will create the Memorial Hall Citizens Committee. This Board will assist the city with the proposed Bond issue for the reconstruction, renovation, expansion, and improvements for Memorial Hall next year. The hall was built nearly 100-years ago and is badly in need of restoration and upgrades. Joplin residents will go to the polls on April 5, 2022, to determine its future. For 89 9 KRPS, I’m Fred Fletcher-Fierro


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