Up First In The Four States for Monday 11/01/2021

Good Monday Morning, thanks for joining me for Up First in the Four States, from KRPS. I’m Fred Fletcher-Fierro. Let’s first take a look at local weather,

Cloudy skies today and tonight throughout the four States, also a slim 20% chance of scattered showers, highs today near 50, lows tonight in the upper ‘30s. Overcast conditions will persist in the area Tuesday and Wednesday, along with an increased chance of rain. Highs Tuesday and Wednesday in the mid and upper ‘40s.

Dozens of Kansans opposed to Democratic President Joe Biden’s proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate showed up Saturday to testify to state lawmakers looking for ways to get around it.

Tomorrow, residents of two Southwest Missouri cities will cast ballots in elections that could transform their towns for years to come.

Representative Aaron Coleman of Kansas City, Kansas, was arrested this weekend on domestic violence allegations.

Later this morning officials with Freeman Health System and the city of Joplin will unveil the theme of the city’s Christmas parade.

The Springfield Art Museum, in Springfield, MO, will include an exhibit by Yoko Ono in its lineup for next year.

Annual enrollment starts today to buy 2022 health insurance on the federal marketplace.

An area fire department is warning that, as the weather gets cooler, the risk for carbon monoxide poisoning increases.

Now a quick look at local sports,

Pittsburg State football keeps on rolling, now winners of three straight after taking down Central Oklahoma 26 to 20.

Missouri Southern football dropped their 2nd straight game Saturday, 45 to 28 to Missouri Western.

Now for our feature of the day,

Just because you received medical care doesn’t entitle the hospital to charge you any price it wants. Celia Llopis-Jepsen of the Kansas News Service has some tips on digging into your medical bills and pushing back.

If you want to talk to me directly I’m on Twitter @morningsonkrps.

Thanks for joining me for the up first in the Four States podcast. I’ll talk to you next week.

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