COVID #’s improve at Freeman, Doctors continue to learn how to treat disease

Freeman Neurologist Dr. Gulshan Uppal speaking at COVID-19 update

Officials at Freeman Health System in Joplin said Wednesday that the hospital had only 14 COVID-19 patients, none on ventilators, and zero COVID-19 deaths in the past ten days. Nationwide, the CDC reports that about 45.5 million cases have been reported nationwide since the pandemic began last year.

Freeman Neurologist Dr. Gulshan Uppal speaking Wednesday says that for many people, getting COVID is just the start. “It’s estimated that between 80-90% of patients who have COVID will have neurological symptoms. Some patients, unfortunately, get serious complications, like strokes, seizures, or weakness. A rare condition called syndrome that we have seen and treated in this hospital here.” Dr. Uppal also said that the majority of patients that he’s seen are unvaccinated. Although there is no clear evidence whether people who are vaccinated will have a quicker or improved recovery time for long-haul Covid symptoms.


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