Tuesday November 2nd could be a fork in the road moment for Joplin

Tuesday, November 2 could be a pivotal day in the history of Joplin as residents will vote on an internet use tax that could provide as much as $4 million in additional revenue to the city. The Use Tax is a part of Joplin City Manager Nick Edwards Listening Tour that took place last year that garnered nearly 1,400 completed surveys and almost 7,000 answers. The responses were streamlined into seven categories including, improving community appearance, addressing homelessness, and declining neighborhoods.

Josh Shackles is in favor of passing the Use Tax. “There are so many things to be done in Joplin and this is the funding mechanism that can take care of things for us. It can provide money into the future. It’s money that the state already has a mechanism there to claim it. If we don’t pass this, we’re just missing out.” If approved the use tax would apply to purchases made from out-of-state vendors and shipped to Joplin. The Use Tax would mirror the 3.125% sales tax that Joplin residents pay currently at brick and mortar locations.


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