After 125 years, the Joplin Globe will be delivered by the USPS

Recently, the Joplin Globe announced that the newspaper would change the delivery method to home subscribers. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

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Tuesday, November 2nd is the first day that the Joplin Globe will be delivered by the United States Postal Service. Globe Publisher Dale Brendel made the announcement last week. Brendel says that while the newspaper, which has been in business and delivering newspapers for 125 years, it has become increasingly difficult for the Globe to hire drivers for newspaper routes.

The papers will be printed in the early morning hours, and then be delivered to USPS facilities for same-day delivery, albeit, later in the day and for many subscribers in the afternoon with their mail delivery. Brendel also cites that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on local businesses which advertise in the Globe, and which are advertising less because their sales are down. Mail delivery of newspapers in small and medium-sized markets has become more common as papers continue to look for ways to cut costs to remain competitive. For 89 9 KRPS, I’m Fred Fletcher-Fierro


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