Highway 171 closing for two months north of Carl Junction for new construction

Enjoy driving highway 171 while it lasts. A key section of the highway that connects Southwest Missouri to Southeast Kansas is closing next week. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Photo by Brennan Tolman on Pexels.com

If you drive Highway 171 north of Carl Junction daily, or just every so often circle next Tuesday, September 28th on your calendar. That is the day the Missouri Department of Transportation will close Highway 171 at Route 96 and YY for up to two months to complete a nearly 10 million dollar roundabout project.

James Howell with MODOT says roundabouts lower highway fatalities and assist in keeping vehicles moving. “And then, just the general flow. A roundabout can handle a higher traffic volume from a one-directional way as opposed to maybe a signal. You don’t have folks sitting on those intersecting routes quite as common at a roundabout typically”. According to Howell, on an average day, the intersection of Highway 171, Route 96, and YY has almost 9,000 cars and trucks pass through it. It’s scheduled to close this upcoming Tuesday at 10 AM, for up to 60 days. Detour signs will be set up to guide drivers around the construction area. For 89 9 KRPS, I’m Fred Fletcher-Fierro


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