Connect2Culture 1 year away from opening multi-million dollar performing arts complex in Joplin

Connect 2 Culture is about 1 year ago from opening its multi-million dollar performing arts complex in Joplin and last Friday was an important milestone for the project. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

The Cornell Complex’s Topping Out Ceremony was held Friday in downtown Joplin marking the final steel beam added to the structure prior to completion estimated to be about a year from now. The ceremony was held nearly 5 months to the day that the project broke ground on February 1st.

President of Connect2Culture Clif Wert says The Cornell Complex will be like a 2nd home to those who love the arts in Southwest Missouri. “It will be your place to be. Be entertained. Be an artist. Be educated. Be a performer. Be. You fill in the blank”. Once complete, the 37,000 square foot complex will be the new home for Connect2Culture and the Spiva Center for the Arts. C2C has raised nearly 17 million dollars for the complex which has been funded by 100’s of private donations.

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