C2C’s Cornell Complex ahead of schedule

The skyline and landscape of downtown Joplin will be forever changed as a major project’s completion is about a year away. On Friday, Connect 2 Culture celebrated the Cornell Complex’s “Topping Out”, marking the moment when the final steel beam was added to the structure which is about 30% complete.

Clif Wert, President of Connect 2 Culture speaking after the ceremony says construction of the complex is moving quickly. “It’s actually ahead of schedule. We’ve all along thought that we were going to be fall of 2022, and we’re talking about this time next year, we’re in it.” Emily Frankoski, Director of Connect 2 Culture says that the arts and entertainment non-profit is expecting to announce their 2021-2022 Curtains Up lineup early next month. This Saturday Connect 2 Culture will host another free Jomo Jammin’ concert at Mercy Park. The indie rock group, ‘Me Like Bees’ will be performing.


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