Tuesday August 3, Missouri voters will decide city and municipal elections

Traditionally, early August is not known to be election season, but next Tuesday voters across Missouri will go vote in elections that more directly impact their lives than well-known Federal elections. One such municipal election concerns the Jasper County Emergency Services Board. The panel is asking residents for the first sales tax increase to help pay for improvement in 27 years.

April Ford is Executive Director for JASCO, she recently joined KGCS’s Newsmakers program to talk about the ballot measure. 072621JASCOCut “The 911 system is a big system. It’s radios and phones. We dispatch for 26 agencies in Jasper County, all fire, police, and medical. So there are a lot of moving parts. So the sales tax ballot issue, it’s asking the voters if the 911 service board increases the sales tax rates from 1 10th of 1% to ¼ of 1%”. JASCO currently has the 2nd lowest sales tax rates for 911 in all of Missouri. The election takes place next Tuesday, August 3rd.

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