Joplin’s School’s BOE approves financial incentives for Staff and Teaches to get Covid-19 vaccine

The start of the new school year is less than a month away for students, teachers and staff throughout Southwest Missouri. Monday August 23rd is the big day for Joplin Schools. The district’s Board of Education met Tuesday to debate the merits of financial incentives for its roughly 1,000 staff and teachers.

Board Member Brent Jordan shared his concerns with other board members on Tuesday. “The problems that I have with this particular proposal is that if we put the substitutes in that pool, we’re not really incentivizing the teacher aspect of it, at least the part of keeping them in the classroom if their close contact”. The school board ultimately voted 6 to 1 in favor of a $25 vaccine incentive and the opportunity to win one of 4 $2,500 cash prizes for staff and teacher. The $2,500 prize drawing is not available to substitute teachers in the district. The school board plan is on top of Missouri’s own $20 million dollar incentive launched last week offering residents the opportunity to win $10,000. The first drawing is in early October.

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