The Joplin Health Department reported another Covid-19 related fatality on Wednesday

The City of Joplin reported another Covid-19 related death. But this fatality could mark a change in who is being most impacted by the virus. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Freeman Hospital’s Dr. Robert McNab

Most if not all of the deaths due to Covid-19 in Joplin have been residents 60 years and older. On Wednesday, that changed when the city announced the 133rd victim of the disease was only 38 years old. On Monday, the Joplin Health Department reported the most new cases in one day since January.

Even with the increase in patients, Dr. Robert McNab says Freeman can handle the demand. “Currently, I don’t see an issue with capacity. I think Freeman has the ability to handle what’s being thrown at us. In the past, we’ve handled up to 60 patients at all.” According to McNab, Freeman Joplin currently has 40 Covid patients in its ICU, some of who are seriously ill and on ventilators. He also said that patients who seeking emergency services could see their wait times increase if the number of Covid patients continues to rise.


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