A colorful exhibit, ‘C is for Color’ by Joplin artist Connie Miller now on display

‘Tails, and Tales’, is the theme of children’s summer reading programs at libraries nationwide and an artist in Joplin has created a colorful exhibit based on that premise, especially for kids. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Connie Miller’s Beach Dogs

The show is a dynamic array of colorful portraits based on the ‘Tails and Tales’ theme of the children’s summer reading program. The presentation is full of beautiful bright-colored cats, birds, pigs, and other animals. Another unique feature of ‘C is for Color’ is that the display is hung at the eye level of children.

Connie says she got that idea from her own life. “We can maybe hang on an eye-level because I’m short. And everything is always hung really high for me. And I think about kids they can’t really look at stuff if it’s way up here. They have to turn their head way back to see it.” When you visit the Joplin Public Library to view ‘C is for Color’ be sure also to drop by the children’s department for free take-home kits created by Miller. ‘C is for Color’ is now on display at the JPL through August 31.

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