Could Smart Pavement technology be coming to Joplin?

The Joplin City Council at their meeting on Monday heard a presentation that could bring Smart Pavement to Southwest Missouri. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Joplin city hall

Integrated Roadways made their pitch to the city council on Monday night about the future of roads in the city. According to information provided by the company ahead of the presentation, their Smart Pavement Dashboard system would be able to automatically track traffic information, such as Lane Usage, how fast the traffic is moving, the types of vehicles that are driving throughout the city, all in-time.

Integrated Roadways prefabricated the slabs of the roadway before starting construction. The company has placed their Smart Pavement product in Denver, Colorado, and Lenexa, Kansas, and if approved Southwest Missouri drivers could see five intersections upgraded with this smart technology starting later this year.


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