The Joplin Historic Preservation Commission honors residents with annual awards

Later today, the Joplin Historic Preservation Commission will honor residents with three awards to recognize people who have made significant contributions to the historic preservation of the city. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

The Joplin Historic Preservation Awards were first established in 2019. Nancy Morton, former chairperson of the Historic Preservation Commission will receive this year’s Leslie Simpson Award. Handed out to an individual who has made significant contributions to historic preservation in Joplin. While Lori & Jeremy Haun will receive The Jeff & Carolina Neal Award. The accolade goes to residents who have made significant developments to historic preservation in Joplin by way of developing and restoring buildings and property in the city.

Finally, the entire North Heights neighborhood will receive the Murphysburg Award. It goes to neighborhood groups or residential property owners who demonstrate the capacity for and illustrate the preservation of their homes and make significant contributions to the historic preservation of the city. The public is invited to attend the award ceremony taking place at 3 this afternoon in the lobby of Joplin city hall.


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