Should Neosho step in and operate stormwater detention ponds?

At its meeting Tuesday night, the Neosho City Council had a long and detailed discussion about Stormwater Detention Ponds. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

When it rains, most of us don’t consider where all the water goes after it hits the ground. But for residents of Neosho (Missouri), severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall has plagued the city for years. Much of the runoff from storms drains into stormwater detention ponds. They are privately owned in Neosho. The problem has gotten so bad resident Randy Swift believes the city should step in.

Swift exchanged thoughts on the matter with Neosho Mayor William Doubek Tuesday night; Swift speaks first. “Now, I don’t know what an average homeowner spends on taxes, but I would think that’s part of his taxes would be to maintain ponds. I mean, that kind of makes sense to me.” Doubek replies, “If you can verify that, that would be very helpful.” Public records show that Swift’s Development company paid over 246 dollars in taxes in 2020 for the land to maintain storm-water detention ponds. No decision was made Tuesday night on the future of ponds in the city.


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