Remembering the Joplin tornado, 10 years later

At its meeting Monday night, the Joplin City Council heard from members of the community who helped rebuild. Later this week, the city will remember the 161 lives lost on May 22, 2011, and the over 7,000 homes and businesses that were destroyed, and an estimated nearly 3 billion dollars in damages. Jack Shaller, Vice President for Olsson Engineering and former Assistant Public Works Director for the city of Joplin, spoke at the meeting Monday night. “The progress we’ve made in the community in large part to the stronger together attitude that Joplin had. We reflect on this week of the ten-year anniversary in one of the darkest days of Joplin’s history, and I think it’s not only right to talk briefly about all that lost. The 162 lives, the 7,000 homes, nearly ⅓ of the city in the path of the tornado.” The city will hold a community event this Saturday starting at 3 pm at Cunningham Park, followed by a remembrance starting at 5:15.


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