Langston Hughes elementary in Joplin? Maybe

On Tuesday night, Joplin Schools said a heartfelt goodbye to longtime School Board members Dr. Debbie Fort and Lori Musser. Earlier this month, Rylee Hartwell and John Hird were selected by voters to replace Fort and Musser. Jeff Koch replaced Sharrock Demott as President of the school board.

Also, Langston Hughes Cultural Society President Melissa Swindell addressed the board to ask them to consider changing the name of Dover Hill elementary to Langston Hughes. “As you know, Langston Hughes was born here in Joplin in 1901. He one of the most famous and honored American poets. His broad scope of works includes plays, novels, and music. But what we’re hoping is that we should be celebrating the contributions of Langston Hughes and other African American educators, artists, and writers.” The new elementary is slated for completion in July of next year.


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