Could Neosho change how it handles stormwater detention ponds?

Discussions between members of the Neosho City Council continued Tuesday night about the future of stormwater detention ponds in the city. KRPS’ Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Tuesday’s conversation about runoff ponds in Neosho was a continuation of the council’s meeting on May 18 in which business owner Randy Swift spoke in support of the city having a more active role in paying for detention ponds. Currently, the city along with many others throughout Southwest Missouri is not responsible for helping maintain the ponds. Although property owners pay taxes to the city for the land they own. In Swift’s case, over $264 last year.

Richard Davidson, Neosho’s Mayor Pro Temp speaking at Tuesday’s meeting. “I will tell you I’m torn, only because, those storm-water ponds do fit into the city’s plan in terms of slowing down water flow into the stream, the roads, the creeks. We do require them by code.” Joplin is the exception when it comes to how it maintains its ponds. The city requires developers to maintain them, or the creation of an HOA to do so.

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