Discussions begin on whether Joplin’s Memorial Hall will be renovated

On Tuesday night, the Joplin City Council held an informal meeting to discuss the future of the cities parks and Memorial Hall. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Memorial hall in downtown Joplin

The council met for over three hours Monday to speak about the options to overhaul Memorial Hall, which was completed in 1925 and last renovated was in the late ’70s. The hall needs modernization, including ADA improvements such as an accessible wheelchair ramp on the building’s exterior. Russ Alcore, Co-chair of the financial committee in charge of a possible Memorial improvement, highlighted the difficulty in a possible hall renovation at the meeting last night. “What made this difficult is that the consultants had never done a project quite like this, with the meeting space. And they could not even give us any other cities that had done something quite like this with meeting space. Certainly community centers. We just didn’t have a lot to compare to.” At 6, the City Council will hold another information meeting tonight at Missouri’s Southern North End Zone Facility to address Operation LaunchPad.


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