Neosho CC approves funding to promote disc golf tournament, resident upset about crime in city

The Neosho City Council met on Tuesday night and approved funding to promote a disc golf tournament in the city this summer. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Downtown Neosho, MO

The 5th Annual Return of the Big Little Show Disc Golf Tournament will take place in Neosho, Missouri on July 31 and July 1 at Morse Park North. It’s a Pro Disc Golf Association event and was approved by the city council in late April. On Tuesday, the board approved a nearly $4,800 agreement with organizers to help promote the event.

Also, at Tuesday’s city meeting, Neosho resident Tom Saffell, upset about crime in the city, “I’ve personally; I’ve seen a lot of people that are tired of the thieves in this town. And what good does it do for the police officers to out and arrest these guys if they are just going to turn them loose?” The City Council meets every second Tuesday of the month. They also live stream every meeting. Their next gathering is May 18 at 7 pm. For KRPS, I’m Fred Fletcher-Fierro in Webb City


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