Connect2Culture announces summer 2021 performance schedule

Another sign that life and society are returning to normal, a non-profit in Joplin announced five in-person concerts on Wednesday. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

After an over-year-long hiatus due to the pandemic, Joplin’s arts and entertainment non-profit, Connect2Culture, announced in a press release Wednesday that they will host five, in-person performances, starting on Saturday, June 5. They will first welcome Nashville, Tennessee trio Farewell Angelina, performing at the Joplin Empire Market at 7 pm. The group is an all-female country group with powerhouse vocalists, dynamic songwriters, and accomplished multi-instrumentalists.

The later four performances are what Connect2Culture has dubbed their Jomo Jammin’ in July series with four musical genres, including folk, blues, and jazz featuring music from eight local groups and artists starting on Saturday, July 10. The performances will be held at Mercy park, there is no cost to attend, but you must register. For more information, visit


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