Midweek storm could drop as much as four inches of rain on the Four States

Spring is here and with it severe and possibly unpredictable storms. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Photo by Philippe Donn on Pexels.com

After experiencing highs in the lower-’80s Monday and Tuesday this week, a storm will pass through the area today before sunny, and warmer temps return to the area over the weekend.

According to Doug Kramer with the National Weather Service office in Springfield, Missouri, the most severe threat from this storm is flooding. “The National Weather Service is currently monitoring a very large storm system, and that will begin to slowly approach the Four State area, including the Pittsburg, Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri area. And that’s going to draw a lot of moisture up from the Gulf of Mexico. And it’s going to force showers and thunderstorms to impact the region over the next couple of days.” Doug says the storm could drop as much as four inches of rain.

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