Covid cases and deaths slow as inoculations climb

With mass vaccination events taking place across Missouri over 1 point 2 million residents have completed their Covid 19 inoculations. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

6,131 Missouri residents were inoculated with the Johnson and Johnson Covid 19 vaccine at the two-day mass vaccine clinic that took place at Missouri State in Springfield last Thursday and Friday. Last Friday, 4,385 doses were administered, breaking the single day record of 3,999 set in St. Charles County and making it the largest one-dose vaccination event in the state of Missouri to date. Friday also marked the day that all Missouri residents 16 years and older were eligible to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

Nearly one-third of all Missouri residents have received at least one shot of a Covid 19 vaccine, with about 20% of all residents completing their inoculations. The disease has killed over 8,500 Missouri citizens. To schedule an appointment for a vaccine in your area visit


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