Medical marijuana now legal in Missouri; the BBB warns you to do your research before getting a card

It’s Morning Edition on KRPS; I’m Fred Fletcher-Fierro. Medical marijuana is now legal and available in Southwest Missouri. Although not every company is operating honestly or transparently. I recently spoke with Stephanie Garland of the Better Business Bureau in Springfield, Missouri, and she told me about Headquartered in O’Fallon, the company does the legwork for Missouri residents looking to get a medical marijuana card or a cultivation license.

Stephanie Garland of the BBB in Springfield, Mo

Stephanie says the BBB has received complaints from consumers across Missouri for’s deceptive business practices.“We have had complaints from Carl Junction, Gainesville, Kimberling City, Mount Vernon, near Springfield and Nixa, and even in Pineville. So we’ve had these all across the state. Consumers are telling Better Business Bureau that the company failed to file paperwork with the state on their behalf. They didn’t issue refunds. They didn’t communicate, and they provided poor customer service.”

Missouri residents have paid between $200 and $300 for services, such as a medical evaluation. The issue is that once you get a physical for a marijuana card, you only have 30 days to file with the state. According to Stephanie, was either not filing or filling paperwork after 30 days. On top of that, some customers have also paid the company to file the paperwork for a cultivation license. “What’s also interesting is that Missouri residents can file applications for a medical marijuana card and for a cultivation license directly with the state. The physician certification is only valid for 30-days. Some consumers actually told us that these certifications from the physician that expired before the paperwork was even finished and then they had to pay to get another certification.”

Another concern that Stephanie from the BBB is hearing from consumers is about identity theft in their dealings with To receive a medical marijuana card, you must provide your social security number and all of your personal information. This is making consumers uneasy. “What people are also telling us is that they are worried about identity theft after dealing with this business. One woman said that she paid almost $200 for a medical consultation and to have the business file a medical application for the medical marijuana card for her. She said there was no problem with the consultation, but the paperwork was never actually filed with the state.”

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One customer who had already paid a couple of hundred dollars to file the paperwork with the state had to file it themselves, which cost another $25. She was also unable to contact the business to receive a refund. Customers may be getting the runaround from because there are not many competitors, and it’s a new industry in Missouri.

Stephanie says, attempts to contact the company by the Better Business Bureau have been unsuccessful, who are are monitoring the situation. “It’s an emerging industry, and so the Better Business Bureau is actively watching to see who is going to be trustworthy and other businesses out there. The BBB wants people to research the registration process. While there are companies that will charge customers a convenience fee for its services, customers actually can file paperwork directly with the state. You don’t need to hire a company to do this work for you.”

As Stephanie points out, you don’t have to hire a company like to setup a medical exam, complete and file the paperwork with the state to get a marijuana card or growing license. In fact, I’ve posted to the link of how to apply at krpsnews dot com that includes information about medical marijuana, including an email address for questions and a phone number to call for inquiries.

Mo Green Card dot com isn’t earning a passing grade from the BBB either. “This company is F rated. It is exactly like when we were in school. And what’s interesting as well is this person, this company, the’s LLC, has actually had 14 complaints closed in the last year. And they are actually all specifically within the last three months. This is a, brand new thing that is happening right here and right now.”

Stephanie Garland, Regional Director of the Better Business Bureau in Springfield, Missouri.

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