Medicaid expansion passed in Missouri last year; Republicans vote not to fund, a showdown looms

Missouri Republicans on Thursday blocked funding for Medicaid expansion passed by voters last fall. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson

The House Budget Committee voted across party lines to not allow the spending of 130 million dollars in state funds and $1.6 billion dollars in federal money to pay for expansion which passed with 53% percent of the vote in November. According to estimates, Medicaid expansion in Missouri would cover an additional 230,000 residents. The law, enshrined into the Missouri Constitution when it was approved, is set to go into effect this July.

House Minority Leader Democrat Crystal Quade of Springfield released a statement in response, saying in part, quote“Medicaid expansion is mandated by the Missouri Constitution. Any elected official who refuses to accept that needs to find another line of work.” unquote. At this time, it’s unknown how Thursday’s vote affects the federal portion of Medicaid expansion.

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