Hind hopes to bring a business, metric-focused approach to Joplin School Board

Just over a year ago, the Covid 19 pandemic had school districts scrambling whether they should stay open for in-person classes. In Joplin, the district fully re-opened except the high school, which the Joplin School Board voted to alternate days to create more room for socially distancing because of Covid 19. This issue spurred Joplin School Board Candidate John Hird to run for a 3-year seat.

He says his kid-first, metric-based approach would be a good fit for the school board. “I personally have no agenda, other than the kids first. And to be able to get the kids educated. And I think I bring a very balanced and measured approach. To make sure that we’re considering all things when we discuss what our priorities are.” Rylee Hartwell and Josh Bard are also running for 1 of the two-year seats. Many city, county, and school board elections in Missouri take place, two-weeks from today on Tuesday, April 6.


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