Health and wellness of Teachers and Staff a priority for Webb City School Board candidate

The conversation over whether schools should be open has been heightened because of the pandemic. One candidate running for School Board in Webb City says her work experience in health care makes her competitive. K R P S’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Municipal elections in Missouri take place in 15-days. Races include city, county, and school board elections. In Webb City, there are four candidate runnings for two 3-year seats for the city’s school board. That includes Dr. Gretchen Shull, an Endocrinologist at Mercy in Joplin. She says that her deep background working with infectious diseases, nutrition, and health care plans makes her a very formidable candidate for Webb City School Board. “I have a lot of experience in looking at insurance, different health and wellness programs. It’s a problem because when you have. When you’re self-insured, you do have to do a lot of navigation and a lot of thinking about how you spend your money.” She was also the Valedictorian of Webb City high school in 1995 and was inducted into the Webb City Hall of Fame last year. Jason Woodmansee, Lisa Robinson Hartman, and Grant Collings are also running. The election takes place Tuesday, April 6th.

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