A ‘Fresh Perspective’ promised by Shull, candidate for Webb City School Board

The issue of healthcare has been front and center over the past year due to the pandemic. And even more so for teachers, faculty, and staff at schools that have allowed in-person learning. According to a candidate for Webb City School Board, Dr. Gretchen Shull, the single health care plan that is offered to district employees should be reviewed to ensure that it’s doing the most good. “If you’re helping that patient and controlling their diabetes, you know we’re in it together. You know we’re at risk. So the insurance is holding risk, and the physician or the medical group is holding risk. So we’re in it together for the patient.”

Gretchen is a doctor of Endocrinology at Mercy Hospital in Joplin. She was inducted into Webb Cities Hall of Fame last year and was the 1995 Valedictorian of Webb City High. Grant Collings, Lisa Robinson Hartman, and Jason Woodmansee are also running. Municipal elections across Missouri take place on Tuesday, April 6.


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