Municipal elections, easy to overlook, have profound effects on your daily life

Photo by Edmond Dantu00e8s on

Municipal elections in Missouri will take place on Tuesday, April 6th. While state and federal elections get all the buzz, municipal elections in Missouri on April 6th are critical to daily operation of cities, counties and school districts. In Newton county, there are three seats up for grabs on the county health department board. While in Joplin, three candidates are running for two seats for the city’s school board.

Speaking with candidate Rylee Hartwell on Saturday, he said that board members should prioritize public education, and if elected, he would continue the work already started, “Finishing the good work that’s been started on the board currently with teachers salaries, compensation, staff retainment. In addition to that, making sure our schools are open on time, and on budget. And last but not least, maintaining a strong relationship with the Joplin community and the Joplin school district.” Josh Bard and John Hird are also running for the school board. Each seat holds a three-year term. Elections are Tuesday April 6th. Click Newton, for more information about elections in Newton county, and Jasper for municipal election info there.


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