Joplin city council unanimously approves improvements for Ewert Park

Monday night was historic for Joplin’s Ewert Park. K R P S’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

The location opened in 1925 and was the only park in Joplin; the city’s colored residents could visit, will receive about 6 million dollars worth of upgrades. The Joplin city council voted unanimously, 8 to zero, to construct an ice ribbon and splash park at Ewert, eventually replacing the park’s pool. Joplin residents will have the final say if the project receives funding through a 10-year extension of the storm-water and park sales tax. It’s one of three-funding mechanisms that the city council approved on Monday night. Others include raising property taxes to help pay for a variety of new projects across the city. And a limited use tax would be aimed at funding improvements of Joplin’s homelessness problem and public appearance. Other additions to Ewert include an outside amphitheater, and two covered basketball courts.


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