Mask mandate expires in Joplin, remains in effect in Springfield and Freeman hospitals

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Joplin’s mask mandate expired on Sunday and will not be extended, as mayor Ryan Stanley announced last week. Covid-19 cases numbers have dropped dramatically since the city’s 2nd mask mandate was put into effect in mid-November. In just the past two weeks, the number of new Covid cases in Joplin has dropped 17 percent. According to Joplin’s Covid dashboard found at All Things Missouri dot org, the city’s health department has reported just over 6 new cases per week. Regardless of the mask mandate’s expiration, masks will still be required at Freeman Health Systems offices and facilities. Freeman President and CEO Paula Baker speaking on Friday. “We understand that a lot of people have reservations about a requirement to wear masks. But we also believe in the science of masking. And we know that the curve of Covid-19 has really flattened over the last several months.” Visitors to all Mercy hospitals and offices will also still be required to wear a mask. Also, private businesses can still require masks upon entering.


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