COVID-19 vaccine and stimulus relief bill scams targeting vulnerable populations

Photo by Edward Jenner on

Since the latest round of government stimulus passed last month, the Better Business Bureau has reported an increase in the number of related scams. K R P S’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

While millions of Americans will receive their stimulus money via direct deposit, reducing the chance of being scammed, there are still plenty of residents that will wait to receive a check through the mail. Denise Groene of the Better Business Bureau says that residents in the Four States are receiving scams via texts. “We’ve had reports already from somebody receiving a text message it claims to be from I R S they tell you that the stimulus package has passed and they have a link that they want you to click so that way you can make sure you’re getting your money.” The B B B also warns that you should never pay a fee for a free government grant or program. If a possible scammer asks you to pay in gift cards, that’s a red flag.


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