COVID-19 scammers offer an opportunity to get the vaccine early, for a fee

First, there were phony COVID-19 testing kits, and now that a vaccine is available, though not widely throughout the US, scammers have moved on to trying to fool consumers that they can get them to the front of the vaccine line for a fee. Denise Groene of the Better Business Bureau. “You could receive either a phone call or a text message or an email from somebody claiming to be from Medicare or Medicaid saying that they can get you on an early list to get the vaccine, the caller promises a vaccine for a fee, or asks you to share your credit card or social security information.” Denise says that you will likely receive a phone call, email, or text from Walgreens or CVS to make an appointment for the vaccine. Another possibility is getting a phone call regarding the vaccine from your family doctor. Contact the Better Business Bureau if you believe you’ve been scammed at

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