Record breaking cold and snowfall grips the Four States

Alice Fletcher-Fierro plays in the snow

February is typically the heart of winter throughout the Four States, but record low daytime highs temperatures throughout Missouri have been set new records and could set more today. The average high for February in Joplin is just below 40 degrees, but according to data compiled from through the first 14-days of this month, the average daytime high this year in Joplin is just 32 points 7 degrees. Kelsey Angle, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Springfield, Missouri says this weather even has been a record-breaker. “Sunday night Monday morning, temperatures will dip below zero. Highs will only be in the single digits again on Monday, then Monday night once again, looks to be the coldest night of the week we’re well see temperatures fall near minus 9 degrees and on Tuesday we’re looking at highs in the teens.” Joplin is expected to break the daytime high record with a new low today, a high of only 6, the previous record high was 22 degrees set in 2007.


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