Freezing highs & lows in addition to snowfall are setting records in the Four States

James Fletcher-Fierro shoveling his driveway

The month of February is typically the heart of winter across the Four States, but the temperatures and snow the area received are record-setting. Consider this, the average temperature for Joplin in February is near 40 degrees Fahrenheit according to the National Weather Service. The first six-days of this month, the temperature met or exceeded that 40-degree threshold, over the past week, temps in the city haven’t gotten above 30. This snowstorm will start to move on according to Kelsey Angle, Meteorologist at the N W S office in Springfield, Missouri who oversee both Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri, but another chance for snow is on the way. “The snow will start to taper off from west to east across the area Monday morning, it does look like Monday afternoon will be dry, and we do have additional accumulating snow possible coming up as soon as late Tuesday night into Wednesday.” Angle says that the current temperatures the area is experiencing are to be considered extreme cold and he expects daytime highs throughout this week and even into next weekend to be at or below freezing.


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