With a supermajority in Missouri Leg, Governor Parson reaches out to Democrats on issues

Missouri House Minority Leader (D) Crystal Quade

Governor Mike Parson provided an update on Missouri during his 2021 state of the state address Wednesday. The Republican Governor has a Super Majority with a Republican Controlled State Senate and House, and most of his speech focused on Republican policy themes. Drury University Professor Dr. Dan Ponder noticed that Parson did reach across party lines. “And also what I thought was interesting too is that he did admit that Missouri is among the lowest in the nation of being able to recruit and keep people to go into Government work because the pay’s not very good. And that seemed to get a lot of bipartisan support.” One topic that Governor Parson didn’t cover in his State of the State speech was Medicaid expansion, supported by Democrats. Voters approved the amendment to the Missouri State Constitution last year; it’s set to go into effect on July 1st.

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