The number of COVID-19 cases continues to improve

The number of new COVID-19 cases in Joplin continues to improve. The Joplin Health Department reported on Saturday only 15 new cases. And a rolling 7-day average of new cases of nearly 21. To compare, at the height of new COVID cases in mid-November of last year, the city reported a rolling 7-day average of 47-new cases per day. The number of cases in Joplin has improved by about 6 percent over the past two weeks. As of Saturday, the city is reporting 129 active cases and 115 COVID-19 related deaths.

Last week, the cities health department vaccinated about 1,000 residents with the first dose of Pfizer’s two-part COVID vaccine during a drive-thru clinic. Free COVID-19 testing for Missouri residents is taking place this week in Barton, Jasper, and Greene Counties. To see the complete schedule and to register, visit


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