Play games on your phone? Be careful of free trials that could end up costing you $100’s

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If you’re like millions of Americans, you probably play at least one game on your phone. The game is likely ad-supported. Recently, a Southwest Missouri man clicked on one of those ads which advertised free trials of a weight loss product that he would receive if he just paid $6.99 for shipping. Stephanie Garland of the Business Bureau in Springfield, Missouri spoke with the consumer, “Unfortunately, he also put his debit card in that app, and it was only supposed to be charged the shipping of $6.95. But, as you can bet, he was $203.70.” The consumer received a product that wasn’t what he ordered; it also made him sick. He attempted to return his purchase and eventually filed a report with the Better Business Bureau and worked with his bank to get the purchase price refunded. If you’ve been scammed or want to check out scams in your area, search for Tracker


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