Got your first dose of a COVID vaccine, but missed the second. What do you do?

Photo by CDC on

Missouri Governor Mike Parson held his weekly COVID-19 update on Thursday afternoon. The Governor reminded residents that the roll-out of COVID vaccines across the state was, quote, “gradual and an on-going process” unquote. State Health Director Randell Williams also made comments and took questions. Questions included what someone should do if they receive the first dose of a vaccine but do not get the 2nd dose in the recommended time of 3 or 4-weeks? “We want you to get your second dose as soon after the first dose as you can. And so you do not start a new series. To first answer your question. But then your second question proposes what if 6-weeks goes by or 5-weeks go by and there’s no evidence that they’re coming back and we’re looking for clarification on that today.” Governor Mike Parson also ordered the Missouri State Capitol dome to shine red beginning today to celebrate the Chiefs’ return to the Super Bowl. The dome will light up red at sunset each day until Monday, February 8.


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